Sheikh al Hadith Mawlawi Nida Mohammad Nadeem, Acting Minister of Higher Education, called on the head and members of the Baloch Council in Afghanistan at his office.

Wed, Sep 13 2023 10:19 AM

At the very commencement, Ghulam Nabi Baloch, the head of the Baloch Council appreciated the achievements of MOHE achieved in the last 2 years, and supported the policies of the Islamic Emirate.
Mr. Gulam Nabi, the head of Baloch Council, suggested the acting minister for having special consideration regarding Baloch youths’ higher education and asked to establish the faculties of the Baloch Language and literature in the inhabitant area of Baloch.
Later, the Acting Minister of Higher Education, Shiekh al Hadith Mawlawi Nida Mohammad Nadeem, besides welcoming the members of the Baloch Council, highlighted the policy of the Islamic Emirate regarding the tribes.
Mr. Nadeem assured the Baloch Council and took the responsibility to facilitate higher education for Baloch youth and setting up the Baloch Language Literature in the universities where many Baloch live.

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Wed, Jul 27 2022 8:38 AM
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Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Invitation for Bids (IFB)


Procurement of Laboratory Equipment for Hydraulics, Hydrology & Water and Sewage quality testing laboratory for Kabul Polytechnic University

IFB No: MOH . . .

Thu, Jan 23 2020 6:28 AM
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50 Pakistan Scholarship for Afghanistan Kankor High Score Winners

Location: Pakistan

Number of Scholarships: 50

Targeted group:High score obtainers of kankor

Deadline:january 28,2020

Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan has announced that . . .

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Sun, Oct 22 2023 6:07 AM
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Acting Minister of Higher Education visited with the officials of Kanadahar University. 

During the meeting, which was conducted by the leadership and lecturers of the university, Acting Minister of Higher Education, Sheikh al Hadith Mawlavi Nida Muhammad Nadeem said that. . .

Wed, Oct 11 2023 8:42 AM
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At the Ministry of Higher Education, aid was collected for the victims of the earthquake in Herat and Badghis provinces.

Today, on the recommendations of the Acting Minister of Higher Education, deputy ministers, central directors, managers and service workers collected aid fir the victims of the. . .