Office of the Prime Minister and Ministry of Higher Education held a Welcome Party for Academic Cadres Studied Abroad

Mon, Aug 14 2023 7:20 AM

The reception was held in Sapidar Palace through the participation of the political deputy minister of the prime minister, acting ministers of various ministries, high-ranking leaders and officials, welcomed all 450 cadres.
In the reception, the message, which was sent by the Prime Minster, read by the assistant spokesman of the Islamic Emirate, in which appreciation and thank were expressed.
“Afghanistan is our shared home. The developing and rebuilding of it is our responsibility and the greatest duty is yours,” said prime minister.
In this gathering, the Political Deputy Prime Minister, Mawlawi Abdul Kabeer said, “Teachers and students were involved for combating against the occupation and today they are also with us for rebuilding.”
Also, Acting Minister of Higher Education, Sheikh Al Hadith Mawlawi Nida Mohammad Nadeem said that teachers have a special status in the Islamic Emirate, and we appreciate their step and courage that despite the extensive efforts and propaganda of the enemy, they still returned to the country and stand with the country and the countrymen.

He also added, "We had promised the teachers that we would increase their financial privileges. We raised this issue to high ranking authorities, and fortunately, the leadership of the Islamic Emirate approved it.
Acting Minister of Higher Education also said that the ministry pays special attention to the strengthening of higher education, so we considered 650 Afs for the research associates.
The Acting Minister of Vice and Virtue, Shiekh Mohammad Khalid, Mawlawi Khairuallah Khairkhwa, acting minister for information and culture, Mawalwi Nooruallah Noori, acting minister for boarders and tribes and Mr. Annis Haqani make them sure for their rights. 
at the same time, on behalf of the teachers, the teacher of Kandahar Unifersity, Professor Dr. Ziaur Rahman Mashak Alamzai, teacher of the Takhar University, Professor Hidayatullah Madaqq and the teacher of  Baghlan University, Professor Dr. Wahidullah Kamal praised the initiative of the ministry of higher education and promised that they will participate in the development of the country and the training of the youth of this country.

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Wed, Jul 27 2022 8:38 AM
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Invitation for Bids (IFB)

Invitation for Bids (IFB)


Procurement of Laboratory Equipment for Hydraulics, Hydrology & Water and Sewage quality testing laboratory for Kabul Polytechnic University

IFB No: MOH . . .

Thu, Jan 23 2020 6:28 AM
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50 Pakistan Scholarship for Afghanistan Kankor High Score Winners

Location: Pakistan

Number of Scholarships: 50

Targeted group:High score obtainers of kankor

Deadline:january 28,2020

Ministry of Higher education of Afghanistan has announced that . . .

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Sun, Oct 22 2023 6:07 AM
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Acting Minister of Higher Education visited with the officials of Kanadahar University. 

During the meeting, which was conducted by the leadership and lecturers of the university, Acting Minister of Higher Education, Sheikh al Hadith Mawlavi Nida Muhammad Nadeem said that. . .

Wed, Oct 11 2023 8:42 AM
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At the Ministry of Higher Education, aid was collected for the victims of the earthquake in Herat and Badghis provinces.

Today, on the recommendations of the Acting Minister of Higher Education, deputy ministers, central directors, managers and service workers collected aid fir the victims of the. . .