Higher Education Ministry’s Commission for students’ Credit Transfer Notification (1398)

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Mon, Jan 13 2020 5:35 AM
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  1. According to the Credit Transfer bill, the specified Credit Transfer period is only Jadi and Dalwa months.
  2. For Credit Transfer, the applicants don’t need any application letter; they can receive the specific form of transforming from the relevant government universities or from the Department of students Affairs for private universities and higher education institutions.
  3. Credit Transfer from one faculty to another faculty either in same university or another university is not permitted.
  4. Credit Transfer of male student’s only from the day-to-night or night-to-night programs if the universities agrees are permitted.
  5. Credit Transfer of female student from one province to other are processed if the applicant obtained required Konkor exam standard scores on the same year and after the agreement of the universities. 

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  1. Female student’s Credit Transfer  to the center or provinces who did not complete the Konkor exam standard scores of the same year; their Credit Transfer  will be processed based on marriage certificate or their Family displacement based on provision of transfer documents signed by the employer’s office after the relevant universities agreement.
  2. Credit Transfer from central universities to provincial universities is permitted if the universities agreed.
  3. Conditions of Credit Transfer from one university to another are to complete a semester or to obtain Postponement and having the right to continue education.
  4. Credit Transfer Agreement is the Qualification of the respective universities. Students should not visit Ministry of Higher Education for obtaining university agreement.
              Credit Transfer Commission will decide about students with disabilities or ill patients after
              providing a valid application.

Credit Transfer of students from private universities to government universities is not permitted.

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  1. Credit Transfer of students from public universities to private will be processed according to the Credit Transfer Bill.

All applicants for Credit Transfer s are requested not to visit Ministry of Higher Education for the applications which are in contradiction with the above-mentioned Credit Transfer Bill.

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