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Deputy Minister for Administration and Finance

Biography of Prof. Ahmad Seyer Mahjoor (PhD)

Deputy Minister for Administration and Finance


Prof. Ahmad Seyer Mahjoor (PhD) was born in 1965 in Baghlan. He finished his high school in Kabul. During the years of unrest in the country and the deterioration of the situation of Afghanistan, he, like many other Afghans, left Afghanistan and migrated to Pakistan. He got his first bachelor degree in Education and Political Science. 

In 1992, Prof. Ahmad Seyer Mahjoor (PhD) moved to France, where he soon started learning French and got interested in the big notions of philosophy and the sociology. He obtained his second bachelor degree in Law. When Dr. Mahjoor did his M.A in Philosophy at Nanterre University, his thirst to education and vision for the future of Afghanistan didn’t let him stop continuing his higher studies. He then joined the prestigious Paris-Sorbonne University to do his MA in sociology and he got another MA in professional orientation in local policies of development from Rouen Normandy University.

Dr. Ahmad Seyer Mahjoor then further extended his studies and got his PhD in political sociology in July 2009 from the Rouen University, in which he worked on «sociological Approach of the transition in Afghanistan, between tradition and modernity 2002-2005 ".

Following his studies, he started teaching Political Sociology to the bachelor and masters students in French universities.  Dr. Mahjoor has also worked many years as a researcher in Social Sciences Research Center of Rouen University the (DYSOLA). He has gained the membership of France Sociologist Association (AFS), International Sociologist Association of French Language (AISLF). He has also participated in many international conferences and has presented many academic articles on sociology.

He speaks several languages (Dari, Pashto, Arabic, French and English), and has published articles in almost all these languages. He has translated several books and articles and he is the author of several books on Law, Sociology and Politics. His publications are:

  1. L’Afghanistan en transition:  une approche politique), L’Harmattan, Paris,  July 2013, 256 p. (published in French language on political sociology /Geopolitics)
  2. Concepts of democracy, 2017. (published in Dari and Pashtu on Democracy)
  3. Closed social groups, 2009, 164p. (published in Dari on sociology)
  4. Legal expertise, 2011, 142p. (published in Dari on Law)
  5. Evaluation of Public Policies, 2013, 184p. (published in Dari on Political science)

Following the request from Afghan parliament, Prof Mahjoor (PhD) has worked as Advisor for the Parliament of Afghanistan and generated many concepts of law and bylaws such as Land anti-grabbing Law for the solution of Land issues in Afghanistan. He has also reviewed and revised the Afghanistan Election Law.

Dr. Mahjoor was the nominee for the Ministry of Justice at national unity government in 12.01.2015.

Dr.  Mahjoor is the Deputy Minister for Administration and Finance at MoHE since 13 march 2017. At the same time, he is teaching at the Master’s Degree Programs of Kabul University as a Lecturer of Gender Studies and International Relations.