Acting Minister of Higher Education met with the Ambassador of Japan

Sat, Jul 30 2022 12:43 PM

The meeting was chaired by the Acting Minister of Higher Education, Alhaj Maulavi Abdul Baqi “Haqani” in the presence of the president of Kabul University, Dr. Osama “Aziz’, Director of Private Students Affairs, Sayed Ismail “ Rohani”,  Director of Foreign Relations and Scholarships, Nazar Mohammad “Irfan”, President of Kabul Medical University, Fazal Rahman “Rahmani” and the Ambassador of Japan, Takeshi Okada and delegates.
In such meeting, the acting minister told that the relationship of these two countries are very important, and asked for help in educational and teaching sector.
Mr. Haqani also added that amicable Afghanistan is important for neighbor and international countries and we can build it up through education, so the international should give proper concentration.
In Afghanistan, the ambassador of Japan, Takeshi Okada thanked from the acting minister for giving time and assured him that we will help you in educational and health sector.
He also considered that the Acting Minister of Higher Education is knowledgeable, professional, and committed to the country, and always keeps the doors open of the private and governmental universities for students.
“It is important to make stronger the relationships of Afghanistan and international countries and we try to do our best here,” told the ambassador.
It is worth-mentioning that Mr. Haqani has traveled to different countries for the improvement of educational foundations, and also visited international and neighbor countries’ representatives inside the country which have positive results.

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Sat, Sep 24 2022 5:43 AM
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د لوړو زده کړو سرپرست وزیر د پکتیا والي سره د پکتیا په پوهنتون کې د رغنیزو پروژو پیلولو په موخه د هغه په کاري دفتر کې وکتل.

د لوړو زده کړو سرپرست وزیر الحاج مولوي عبدالباقي حقاني د پکتیا والي محمد خان دعوت سره د پکتیا ولایت مقام کې د لیدنې ترڅنګ د یاد ولایت د دولتي پوهنتون د پرمختګ لپاره د ځینو رغنیزو پروژو. . .