Ministry of Higher Education
17th Jun

Herat University rector dies

President Ghani called the death a loss 

The rector of Herat University, Dr. Abdul Zahir Mohtasibzada breathed his last due to protracted illness, at the age of 61, the other day. 

In a condolence message, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani lauded his services to the country’s students in the field of education and termed his death as a great loss.

The president in the message besides expressing sympathy with the family and people of Herat also wished great patience for the grieved family to bear the loss. 

According to another report, the leadership board of the ministry of higher education has also offered condolence over the demise of late Mohtasibzada.

The late Mohtasibzada who was born in 1333 and graduated from Kabul University had written series of research articles and books.