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3 Mar 2015

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Ministry of Higher Education presents its HEMIS System

Date: 9 May 2010

Ministry of Higher Education presents its HEMIS System

 On May 2, 2010, Deputy Minister of Higher Education Professor Mohammad Osman Babury announced the implementation of the Higher Education Management Information System (HEMIS).  The development of the system began in September 2008 with funding of World bank SHEP project, and providing hardware equipments with support of NATO silk project. At that time, Afghan eQuality Alliances (AeQA) provided the funding for the Ms SQL server crystal report and windows server software, as well as one Sun Server and a UPS.  

 In his introduction of the system to MOHE department heads, chancellor and vice chancellor of Kabul education university, students departments managers of Kabul polytechnic and Kabul university.  Professor Barbury emphasized the benefits of the system in recording the profile of university students, lecturer profile and MoHE and universities employee profiles.  

  In his demonstration of the project Mister Hazratzay HEMIS officer used a sample student record to demonstrate to MoHE department heads and relevant staff how a student record would be entered and edited from the time he/she passed the Konkor exam until graduation.

 MoHE IT Coordinator Salim Sayee described the impact that this HEMIS system would have on students, lecturers, and employees in MoHE universities:

Mr. Sayee also explained the implementation plan for the system and mentioned that the implementation of the system need funding to purchase end user equipment and to recruitment additional staff for system administration and data entry.

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